We’ll soon get to 200 signatures on the petition!

If you have signed our petition – thank you so much.  If not please click here:


While you’re on the petition website please read some of the incredible, heart-felt comments left by petitioners. They state so eloquently how poorly we’ve been served by Wandsworth Council in granting permission for these screens.

There is no doubt that if the planning process had properly consulted the neighbourhood, Rosslyn Park would never have been allowed to blight our leafy corner of London in the selfish way they have.

The more we look at this, the more questions are raised. The Club had applied for permission to put up advertising five times previously – and each time was rejected. Why was consent given this time? The Roehampton Club (as landlord) must have given permission for the screens despite the fact that they have devalued their own property – particularly the Thatched Cottage; why? The Council shouldn’t allow commercial considerations in a planning application – why this time? Why was the three year consent for advertising extended so casually to five in late papers? Why did the Council not see that the “overwhelming support” they cite so obviously came from members of the club..?

We are compiling a report of all this and taking legal advice. We will ensure that the events leading up to the granting of consent are forensically examined and look for any grounds to mount a challenge. We will ensure that the Council has to build a public consultation process into the scheduled planning reviews. And we will make advertisers aware of the controversy surrounding the screens so that they decline to use them.

The more signatures we get, the more weight behind our campaign. Please tell others and help us to get to 1,000 signatures.

We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again.


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