28 Jan 2018 — This is the latest from the Council with respect to the screens at Rosslyn Park;

‘The period for consent is 5 years and the date on the consent is 21 October 2014, therefore expires on the 21 October 2019, so we would usually expect a reapplication around 1-2 months before? When the application comes in it will go out for consultation usually for 3 weeks, CARPA will be consulted as you are recorded on the application site. At the time anyone can submit comments while the consultation process is open, so you can let the campaign know. Anyone can also request to be notified of any application in the area by emailing GISteam@wandsworth.gov.uk and they will put you on the list. It also selects an area and means you will be notified of all applications in the area.’

We will closely monitor this to check whether the re-application process starts earlier than anticipated. And as soon as it does we will ensure that as many people as possible are aware and we will be seeking legal advice from our solicitor.

During this last year we have been writing to advertisers as and when they appear on the sites and have had success with the following companies, who have either withdrawn from the sites or have promised to avoid them in the future:

Innocent Drinks, Blu E-Cigarettes, Sky Sport, Hulsta, Etihad Airways, United Biscuits, Swiss Air, TSB, Cooperative Food, Go Israel, GWR, Vitabiotics, Urban Massage, PepsiCo, Nationwide and Ethos Travel.  

There is no doubt that the two CARPA petitions have been instrumental in securing the support of some advertisers and we thank them for that support.

As a result the petitions remain open – and please feel free to share them as appropriate.

CARPA will not give up.
Thank you.