Roehampton Club Newsletter

We have asked the Roehampton Club, Rosslyn Park’s landlord, why they gave consent for the screens.  They have not answered us directly but have recently published the explanation below in their newsletter.  The bottom line is that they agree that the screens are ugly, that they’ve devalued their own property, that they don’t look like what they were asked to approve…however, it’s not all bad because they’re not switched on all the time and they’re for a good cause!

“Several of you have been in touch this week to complain about the new electronic advertising hoardings at Rosslyn Park, alongside Upper Richmond Road. I agree, they’re not objects of beauty. We’re Rosslyn Park’s landlord and we’re aware of the opposition they’ve caused. We’re concerned as well because we own the Thatched Cottage adjacent to one of the brightly-lit displays, and the value of that building, which is used for staff accommodation, could be reduced. The Board was shown an artist’s impression in June 2014 before the application went to Planning. They appeared benign enough and we gave our consent. But even allowing for creative licence the drawing does not bear much resemblance to the real thing. We’ve checked, though, and the displays do conform in every detail with the planning specification, including making them look like rugby posts, and Rosslyn Park obtained all the necessary permissions in October 2014 after consultation with local residents. In short, there is little we can do; we cannot require them to be moved.

On the plus side, the hoardings are switched off between 11pm and 6am, and they’re a vital source of funding for the rugby club. In that respect a financially secure Rosslyn Park, I hope you agree, is of benefit to the local community with their excellent Junior Rugby programmes and access for local schools and our Junior Members to use their new artificial pitch.”

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