CARPA Petitions

We are running two petitions with respect to the screens at Rosslyn Park.

The first one is this (click to sign):

We need proper public consultation over Rosslyn Park’s advertising screens

After a few weeks of running this petition we amassed over 500 signatures and many, heartfelt comments about how inappropriate the J C Decaux screens are in that location.

This second petition is how we get the screens dismantled and taken somewhere else.  The logic is this: if advertisers refuse to book time on these screens because they realise that they do their brands no favours, then revenue will disappear and J C Decaux will take their investment elsewhere.

We are already in correspondence with every advertiser and several have agreed not to use this site, but our hand will be considerably strengthened if this petition is signed by as many people as possible:

We will boycott the goods and services advertised on the screens at Rosslyn Park