We represent local residents who object strongly to the giant advertising screens that have appeared on Rosslyn Park’s boundary with the Upper Richmond Road.  We believe that in installing these boards, the club has acted selfishly and for narrow commercial reasons; and that Planning Consent was given without sufficient local consultation.

Our objective is the removal of the screens.  Our tactics are:

  • To petition for a review of the original Planning process
  • To shame advertisers and encourage them to boycott the screens
  • To draw RPFC’s members’ attention to the strength of local opposition
  • To ensure that full public consultation is embedded in any future Planning review

You can:

  • Follow us on Twitter: @takedowntheads; and Facebook: CARPA.
  • Make your feelings known to the Council by contacting planning@wandsworth.gov.uk, one of the local Councillors (found on Wandsworth’s website), and Sarah McDermott (Chairman of the Planning Applications Committee): smcdermott@wandsworth.gov.uk.
  • Write or Tweet to advertisers to draw their attention to their role in this blight on our landscape.


Contact:  info@takedowntheads.com

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