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CARPA Change Org Petition Comments

Here are some extracts:

….Outrageously and hideously incongruous and very selfishly commercially motivated – but will backfire as an advertising platform anyway because its hardly the M4 and no one is reading the ads! Take them down now!


As a nearby resident, I certainly wasn’t consulted about these monstrous erections and if I had been I would have objected most strongly. My instinct tells me there is something not quite right about the process of this application and the planning committee should hang their heads in shame for allowing this dangerous precedent to be set in this part of our borough.


I am absolutely horrified by the hoardings, which are directly opposite Barnes Common, an important local nature reserve and green space. The sheer size of the hoardings and the fact that they illuminated means that they are patently obviously inappropriate for the site. If they were next to a motorway, maybe; but not in a leafy London suburb.